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El Gringo Schindler Films

una producción de Ralph Isenberg

Películas documentales sobre inmigración de la vida real

Tráiler de los cuatro niños sin madre

Four Motherless Children Trailer


El Gringo Schindler Films

a Ralph Isenberg Production 

Real Life Immigration Documentary Films


New for 2022 

A Perfect Storm of  


A Non-Fiction Book By Ralph Isenberg

How is an activist born? My birth was the interwoven relationship between my heritage and real-life experiences. This relationship was shaken to its' core by a cruel life experience that required me to search every aspect of my soul. The experience was overcome but the pain remained until I discovered that helping others in similar need provided permanent relief.

I would not only conquer the challenge presented to me but spend multiple years of my life and precious resources ensuring others with similar challenges would be spared. The result was hundreds of foreign nationals facing extreme family separation and unwarranted deportation being allowed to live the "American Dream."

The heritage of having parents who escaped Nazi Germany and knowing early in my life that being Jewish was treated differently by others. This treatment was not always positive. These core influences were combined with countless experiences reinforced by a realization that I had an obligation to make myself aware of the experiences people worldwide dwelt with. As I matured, I learned that awareness alone was not enough. Involvement with others in need was most important.

The title of my book recognizes the multitude of interrelationships life has exposed me to. The project will trace how I became the person I am today. I hope the words I put together will serve as an inspiration to others. The journey we call life is ever-changing. During the trip, we come to many crossroads. My life starts and ends at the water's edge. "It has been my humble honor to save one starfish as a time in hopes that humanity will one day cease to stumble upon a beach of starfish in need."



Cuatro niños sin madre en números









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