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"Four Motherless Children" (Trailer)

Today, all major developing nations face serious migration issues. Unfortunately, developing countries have not developed a universal policy on migration, resulting in countless human rights issues. The United States is no stranger to these issues. This film is the story of a mother who found herself stranded from her four children for nearly a year. Without the help of El Gringo Schindler, an immigration protagonist, her story might not have had a victorious ending. The story is unique in that the key players have re-enacted scenes necessary to tell the story. The film also relies on actual footage in real-time. Ralph Isenberg Productions proudly presents "Four Motherless Children" for your consideration.

The uplifting story of El Gringo Schindler's effort to reunite an eleven-year-old boy from El Salvador with his family of five living in the United States. Presented in narrative style, the short documentary explains the situation of the boy while providing an analysis of the current situation in El Salvador and the United States. Viewers also get an explanation of social and economic factors existing in El Salvador. The highlight of the documentary is El Gringo Schindler flying alone to El Salvador to accompany the young boy to the United States. Viewers get to witness the highly charged and emotional reunion with his family at DFW International Airport.  El Gringo Schindler considers the reunion scene to be a highlight in his life. One only can imagine the obstacles that he needed to be overcome to pull the rescue off successfully. Beyond the emotions, viewers get an insight into the technical work needed to reunite the family. The trip to El Salvador was the conclusion of one matter and the start of another matter. While in El Salvador, El Gringo Schindler met with the mother of "Four Motherless Children". During the meeting, El Gringo Schindler explained his rescue plan that was to follow in less than thirty days. The narrative concludes with an introduction of the mother and her children. Ralph Isenberg Productions proudly presents "La Liberacion de ALEXIS / The Discovery of Santos" for your consideration.

"El Gringo Schindler" (Trailer)

This first movie took over a year to bring to production. The film tells multiple stories of foreign nationals having an array of immigration problems. In every case, an attorney had previously told the foreign national that their case was hopeless. Ralph Isenberg, a non-attorney, did not know the meaning of the word hopeless. Instead, he called his office a "resort of last hope" Also, going by the tagline El Gringo Schindler, Isenberg and his staff of young and energetic fellow activists would make sure they knew every fact about the matter before them. Each fact was documented and double-checked for accuracy. Using "knowledge as power," Isenberg studied case law until he found a case that ruled in favor of the foreign national. Modern immigration law dates back to 1952. That means there are thousands of cases on file in various courts throughout the nation. Knowing the technical side of immigration was vital. Yet, Isenberg also focused on the harsh consequences the foreign nationals and their family were forced to endure. A great portion of the movie in real-time filming. The capturing of harsh emotions is in the "here and now" gives credibility to the suffering taking place that Isenberg is trying to fix. The mean and bullying activities by immigration authorities, at every level, inclined Isenberg to respond in kind. If El Gringo Schindler was working on your matter, there was a better than even chance he would find a solution to the immigration issue before him. Ralph Isenberg Production proudly presents "El Gringo Schindler" for your consideration.

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